copernicus (lunar crater)

Stratigraphy is the science of determining relative ages of geologic materials by observing overlapping relationships between … Such wonder is harder to provoke now, but the image reminds us: The moon still waits for us. Copernicus (93 km) ♠ ♥ young crater with terraced walls and central mountains that are well preserved.

Rays are young lunar features, and any geologic unit covered by a ray of Copernicus must be relatively older than the crater itself. Copernicus is at left and Eratosthenes at right with numerous small craterlets between them. During the mission of Apollo 17 in december 1972, crater Copernicus and its system of central peaks was photographed Copernicus H, un típico cráter de "halo oscuro", fue un objetivo de observación de la nave Lunar Orbiter 5 en 1967. Lunar craters Copernicus and Eratosthenes dominate this image taken one day before third quarter. notable for its collection of large internal impact craters. Place the cursor over the image of the Moon or over the names of the craters and maria to highlight the corresponding areas. Caught in stacked and sharpened video frames recorded on April 14 at 3:30am UTC, the lunar terminator, or boundary between night and day, cuts across the middle of the 93 kilometer diameter crater.
In general, ray craters are relatively young as their rays overlay the lunar terrain. Estos cráteres se cree que son de origen volcánico y no el resultado de impactos. A ray from Copernicus crater crosses the Apollo 12 site in Oceanus Procellarum. Map. Copernicus crater also plays an important role in our understanding of the lunar geologic timescale. Endymion (125 km) foreshortened crater with dark smooth floor. For a tablet or mobile device, touch an area of interest for about one second. Copernicus is a classic example of a well-preserved, relatively young (less than 1 billion years old) lunar impact crater. Scientists use the basic principles of stratigraphy and superposition to define relative ages for geologic terrains and features. This area lies just to the south of Mare Imbrium in the northwest quadrant of the side of the Moon … Eudoxus (67 km) NAC image M102293451, width is ~1.26 km and the outcrop is ~800 m wide. Copernicus crater played a key role as pioneering lunar geologists Gene Shoemaker and Robert Hackman unraveled the basic stratigraphy of the Moon fifty years ago. LROC NAC close-up of light-toned bedrock exposed within the central structural uplift of Copernicus crater (~93-km diameter). Copernicus and its satellite crater "H" are included in ALPO list of bright ray craters; Copernicus H is a dark halo crater of Copernican age. See: Lunar Orbiter 5's Frame 148. Seeing the Copernicus crater close up mustered Space Age feelings of wonder. The mosaic was created by combining 24 high resolution images taken by Lunar Orbiter V on 16 August 1967. This detailed close-up of the full Moon features two prominent ray craters, Copernicus (upper left) and Tycho (lower right), each with extensive ray systems of light colored debris blasted out by the crater-forming impacts. Map. The Lunar Orbiter Recovery Project based at Moffett Field CA has produced a phenomenal mosaic of the Copernicus crater floor. Interactive Moon Map. Rays of North Ray and South Ray craters cross near the Apollo 16 site in the Descartes Highlands and a ray from Tycho crater can be traced across the Apollo 17 site in the Taurus-Littrow Valley … A prominent impact site anchored in the lunar Oceanus Procellarum, Copernicus crater is at the center of this telescopic portrait in light and shadow. Oblique view of Copernicus crater from Lunar Orbiter To prepare for the Apollo landings, NASA launched five robotic Lunar Orbiter spacecraft during 1966 and 1967 to gather detailed images of the Moon.
This Lunar map emphasizes the major features on the near side of the Moon such as the Lunar Maria and large craters. Map. Map. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University Although large boulders are not rare on the Moon, in-place bedrock is a rarity. Eratosthenes (58 km) well formed crater with group of central mountains.

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