captain lorca eyes

Michael Burnham is the fictional protagonist on Star Trek: Discovery portrayed by American actress Sonequa Martin-Green. During the episode, aptly titled "Choose Your Pain," an imprisoned Harry Mudd goaded his new cellmate, Lorca, into revealing that the captain's eye condition was an injury sustained after he watched his previous crew incinerated aboard the U.S.S. When Captain Lorca is on his way back to the U.S.S. The Klingons capture Captain Lorca and bring him to a cell where two other humanoid beings are also being detained as prisoners. The reason the Buran was destroyed was to eliminate any witnesses—including the “good” Lorca—and that the whole interchange was orchestrated by Section 31 in order to acquire a captain who knew how to be ruthless in fighting the Klingons. He wasn’t courageous like Kirk, wise like Picard, or … They even manage to mood-light the first encounter of Burnham and Captain Gabriel Lorca, having the lights off when she enters his ready room because his eyes had injured recently. Buran. Film Peter Pan Peter Pan 2003 Peter Pan Jr Captain Hook Peter Pan Captain Hook Costume James Hook Jason Isaacs Kitten Rescue Neverland Captain Lorca was a flawed captain, someone with real faults and a complicated backstory (or at least we thought). bl1ndo: “ (*´д`*) ” ... Domhnall Gleeson - *eyes pop out of head* Sarah Verrill Boyz. Star Trek: Discovery had to establish its lethal new world in the series’ introductory two episodes. Lorca … Discovery after meeting with high-ranking Starfleet Command officers, the shuttle is intercepted and beamed up to a Bird Of Prey warship and boarded by Klingon warriors. Captain Lorca. Discovery's first season was not just thematically dark, but also physically dark; Captain Lorca had damaged, photosensitive eyes, forcing him to live in dimmed rooms. captain lorca x reader lorca x reader captain georgiou michael burnham Tilly star trek fanfiction star trek discovery star trek imagine one shot headcanons ash taylor x reader ash Taylor x reader good night fandom fanfic prompt it’s 9:54 pm gutenmorgen auf weidersehen gute nacht star wars fanfiction james t. kirk gabriel lorca Captain Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs, is not expected to be a traditional Starfleet captain. This is however a potential spoiler as I have a theory concerning Captain Lorca that I am surprised no one else has pointed out on TrekBBS (or at least I could not find in any search, apologies of there is an existing thread) What if the moody, broody Lorca isn't the Prime Lorca but actually Mirror Lorca?

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