automatic watch power reserve problem

The power reserve of a watch is how many hours it can operate, based on the state of wind of the mainspring (a tensed metal coil that transmits energy to the movement). Can you manually over-wind an automatic watch? Most mechanical watches (automatic or manual winding) feature at least a 38 hours power reserve. It’s also nice to see the indicator rise slowly as you wind the watch manually or while wearing it on your wrist. There are numerous devices for recording the amount of mainspring power stored in the barrel. No need to worry. When your arm is motionless, your watch is running off the power reserve, and then the 16 hours you are not wearing it is also using up what ever power reserve it accumulated which was not at 100% to begin with. Automatic (self-winding) watches require physical activity to wind fully. This is far from its standard 50 hours.

complications) requested for an automatic watch. On a manual winding watch, it shows the time left until the watch needs winding.

I am somewhat new to automatics, so … So, I have an Orient automatic watch. I know the others are Automatic and this moonwatch is manual winding. From what I read from many online sources, they recommend to wind the watch daily at a fixed time, for eg in the morning before putting the watch …

In an average mechanical watch, whether automatic or hand-wound, the typical power reserve spans between 38 to 42 hours. It only lasts 18-19 hours. My automatic watch stops after I take it off. Some more refined pieces have a mainspring that can make the watch run for 7 to 30 days! The power reserve indicator displayed on the watch with automatic- winding movement shows how long a watch will function when not worn. Many more watches now feature a 70 to 80 hours of power reserve. I also noticed that the crown winding is very heavy. In summary the power reserve represents the amount of time that a fully wound automatic watch will keep going for if it's not worn. An automatic watch with a power reserve feature lets you see instantly via an indicator how much time is left before the watch will stop. Is my watch acting normal, or is there a problem with it?

If you are not sufficiently active, the watch will not build up enough power to run. It has a power reserve of 40 hours, and it also has the power reserve indicator which is very convenient. Power Reserve Explained.

The biggest problem is the fact that the power of a spring is variable, depending on how much the reserve is. It is one of the most popular features (a.k.a. Bingo - although the 9300 can have the same DLC barrel issues that the 8500 and family do, since the power reserve is fine when manually wound, it has to be a problem in the automatic winding system. You wear the watch for a little while and you then get the expected power reserve - watch works fine.

It's a mistake to think that a watch that has wound down or that is close to the end of its power reserve just needs to be worn for a while to wind itself up. Automatic mechanical watches, or those that rely on gears and mechanics to operate, have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years after a boom of quartz watches. That just about gives you enough time—about a day and a bit—to remember to wear the watch or wind it up so it continues ticking, and not mess up the accompanying indicators such as the date and moonphase displays. There are different opinions about manually winding an automatic watch and I may be in the minority, but I never manually wind one. In manual wind watches the power reserve is the amount of time between full winds being required. There is a common misconception that an automatic watch never needs to be wound. Buy Men's Automatic Watches Power Reserve Display Stainless Steel Watches Swiss Waterproof Dress Wrist Watch and other Wrist Watches at Read. Also known as self-winding or perpetual, automatic watches wind themselves using an internal moving weight that winds or rotates when the wearer moves their arm, transferring energy to a power reserve and keeping the watch …

The commonly occurs with automatic watches, and can mean a few different things. Swinging your watch around for a minute isn't going to wind your watch or create a reserve.

Did you try manually winding it? Its power reserve seems very short, so I tested 2 times with 30-35 wound.

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