Rowing body transformation

Complete reps, then repeat on the other side. But, the benefits go way beyond that. Rowing requires a rowing shell (a long, narrow boat), oars, a large body of water, and good weather conditions. Total-Body Transformation They were all fun, but it wasn’t until he found Row House—a boutique studio specializing in indoor rowing—that things really clicked. Complete reps, then repeat on the other side. Among many other things. Start with right side of body parallel to rower (facing the back) in plank with left palm on floor and right palm on rail. Do a push-up. Do a push-up. Among many other things. The rowing ergometer can provide a new challenge and add a fun alternative to your traditional cardio workouts.

Full body workout: Unlike the bike or treadmill, the rower uses muscles from head to toe, which can make it a great tool …

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