How old is Damon Salvatore

And by 18, she died. Damon Salvatore oder Stefan Salvatore? Stefan was the good guy with some darkness in him. All you have to do is exist. Hey wen findet ihr besser Damon oder Stefan? By: Viviana Perez Hernandez and Diana Alvarez Damon: I'm not trying to screw up your dumb new life! Elena is attracted to the men for very different reasons. How old is Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore in the vampire dairies? Chances are, you won't have centuries left to live and find true love (but who knows), so live your life to the fullest. Because no matter what I do or where I go, you will be with me forever, trying to destroy every single thing that Stefan: You don't have to try Damon. xD Also ich persöhnlich lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebe Damon..naja am Anfang mochte ich ihn überhaupt nicht und war für Stefan aber alles hat sich verändert die Serie is so toll! But it took Damon centuries to find it. wen aus der Serie Vampire Diaries findet ihr besser? Sabrina Salvatore is the daughter of Lily Salvatore, older sister Stefan, and younger twin to Damon.

votet mit und schreibt eure Meinung zu den zwei Vamps. Damon Salvatore: Apariții; Jucat de: Ian Somerhalder Serial: The Vampire Diaries The Vampire Diaries[*] Pilot[*] Profil; Sexul: bărbat[*] Relații; Soț sau soție: Elena Gilbert: Damon Salvatore este personajul principal din serialul de televiziune The Vampire Diares. She was born a siphoner witch, but with a very poor and fragile heart. One of the reasons why The Vampire Diaries became so popular was because of the sizzling love triangle between Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, and his brother, Damon Salvatore. After all, that's what Damon would do. Damon, conversely, was the bad boy with a bit of good left in him. Damon is selfish, promiscuous, and hedonistic, though he has been known to reveal his good side to his one and only true love, Elena. When she turned 15, her condition got critical.

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